Cancellation policy

Alices logo with text vertical smallAlice's Awesome Adventures is strickly following the Maine CDC and state of Maine business guidelines for COVID-19. Alice's Awesome Adventures has been certified by the state of Maine to be open during Phase 1 of the return to business guidelines that will cover the month of May 2020 and possibly beyond.

There are new restrictions during Phase 1 and that may force some trips to be adjusted, rescheduled, or cancelled  due to the COVID-19 Pandemic response. As a result, every client that has booked a trip during the restrictions, will have a chance to be rescheduled during the open season of 2020 or have their trip cancelled at no cost. If the trip is ultimately cancelled because of the Maine CDC and the state of Maine regulations, the client will receive a full refund. Merely not showing up for a scheduled trip will not give you a refund.

Alice's Awesome Adventures will run their tours during rain or snow conditions as long as they are safe for the tour/trip/class. If there is an alternative site to run such trip/tour/class but not in the original venue at the same time and date, then the event will be moved and clients will be notified.

If Alice's Awesome Adventures is forced to move or reschedule a trip/tour/class due to unsafe environmental conditions  and the paid client chooses not to attend and is unable to reschedule into another trip/tour/class, there is a 100% fee.

If Alice's Awesome Adventures cancels a trip/tour/class due to not meeting the minimum number of clients or due to totally unsafe conditions, the paid clients will be given the option of rescheduling into another trip/tour/class at no fee, or have a private trip/tour/class at the published rate. If the paid clients can not reschedule and Alice's Awesome Adventures can not accomodate them, then the paid clients will receive a refund by mail.

If a client cancels a paid reservation 10 days or more in advance, there is no fee.
If a client cancels a paid reservation 72 hours - 9 days in advance, there is a 50% fee.
If a client cancels a paid reservation less than 72 hours in advance, there is a 100% fee.
Unusual life events happen. If you believe that you should have your cancellation fee adjusted, please talk with Alice - 207 729 6333.

Any refunds will be paid by check after the trip/tour/class scheduled date.