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What to Bring on a Trip

What do I need to bring on an Alice's Awesome Adventures, LLC custom trip?

A great sense of wonder and excitement for your custom trip.

Clothing appropriate to the weather and our activities. For any water adventure, DO NOT wear cotton but do wear quick dry synthetics (nylon, polyfleece, polyester, and similar man made fabrics) or wool. For underwear- females should wear a two piece suit or wicking undies and gentlemen should wear swim shorts. I find that lightweight long sleeve shirts and long pants prevent sunburn from reflection, but many others like short sleeves. I suggest layering so that you can easily adjust if you get too warm.  Always have a windbreaker with you to help prevent chills when you stop after exercising. You will be very smart to have a spare set of clothing in your car.

Footwear that fits snugly to your foot and covers your toes. For water adventures - shoes that don't mind getting wet but have traction and support. For land adventures -footwear that will give you support for walking on rocks, wet surfaces, and trails. For winter adventures - a warm, water- resistant boot that goes above your ankle. For cycling adventures - always bring a pair of shoes that you can change into for exploring especially if you wear clip-in bike shoes. During a ride, I require helmets, bright upper clothing or reflective vests, and no audio devices.

For Spring through Fall day trips on or off the water

  • Binoculars – optional

  • Bug repellent – odorless and non aerosol

  • Camera – optional

  • Change of clothing in the vehicle - just in case

  • Footwear that covers the toes completely and are supportive

  • Gloves - optional

  • Hat with brim - with a strap preferred

  • Large water bottle filled with fresh water

  • Medications

  • Personal hygiene items

  • Pocket knife

  • Rain jacket and pants

  • Small back pack or zippered bag for gear

  • Small waterproof bag for wallet, car keys, and mobile phone or device

  • Snacks that are packaged to be used if you need a quick pick-me-up

  • Sunglasses (and spare prescription glasses) and straps if you have them for paddling trips

  • Sunscreen, lip balm - odorless are best

  • Windbreaker or light rain coat

  • Wool sweater or polyfleece pullover

  • Cell phones should be off or in airplane mode during our trips but may be used for photography

Always keep your eye to the weather and have your rain gear handy. "If you don't like the weather wait a minute" is a favorite phrase in Maine.

For Winter day trips with NO COTTON being used at all

  • Layers of clothing to adjust for your warming up and cooling down especially warm winter jacket/shell, snowpants

  • Winter boots that are flexible at the ankles and you can layer a wicking sock and a wool sock

  • Change of wool socks

  • Water resistant mittens but gloves will work if you can keep your fingers moving

  • Warm hat that covers your ears, and possibly a neck warmer or balaclava

  • Large water bottle filled with warm water and stored cap down to prevent freezing

  • Medications, suncreen, and lip balm

  • Personal hygiene items

  • Pocket Knife, fire starter, non-metal whistle, and a extra large black garbage bag (provided on a guided trip)

  • High calorie snack with a mix of protein and complex carbohydrates

  • Backpack to carry all your gear

  • Binoculars – optional

  • Camera - optional. You will need to protect it from the elements.