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Alices Handgun Training Logo design 2 01Alice's Handgun Training is another specialty focus of Alice's Awesome Adventures. Master Maine Guide and NRA Instructor, Alice, trains future handgun owners, new handgun owners or those that have never fired a handgun before the basics of pistol shooting.

Using the NRA Basic Pistol Training programs, Alice will teach you all about SAFETY with handguns first. Throughout the interative course you will learn about the different types of handguns, how to load and unload a handgun, how to hold a handgun and different stances, practice aiming a handgun, safe storage of a handgun, how to choose a handgun, how to clean a handgun, dealing with malfunctions and more. There will be mock drills in the classroom to help each student become more comfortable with their favorite handgun.  During classroom sessions all ammunition will remain outside in your car! No live ammunition will be allowed in the classroom. Safety First !

After the conclusion of the classroom training, each student will take a fifty question written exam. It will be an open book examination.  For certification, you must pass the written examination. 

Crystal shooting side view 20201105 140330Range time is at an outdoor local range, so dress accordingly.  Be sure to wear closed toed shoes, have a brimmed hat, wear eye and ear protection. (If you don't have any, Alice will provide them). When we go to fire at the range, you will first fire at 10'.  After firing your first three rounds of ammunition, you will be challenged to fire 5 rounds in each of 4 circles at 10' (ten feet). There is no time limit on this certification challenge. Be sure to bring 50 rounds of ammunition with your favorite handgun to do this. After ou qualify at 10', you may choose to qualify at 15' or 20' using your remaining ammunition. If you do not own a handgun, one may be provided by the instructor for an additional ammunition fee.

If you actively participate in class, pass the written examination, and pass the ten foot shooting qualification you will pass the course. Course certification can be used to apply for a Maine Concealed Carry Permit.

There are Women's Only group classes as well as co-ed group classes. Group classes have a maximum of 10 students in classroom sessions and 2 for range sessions for more personalized training.  Classes are currently sponsored by Merrymeeting Adult Education (, Five Town CSD Adult & Community Education (, and Lincoln County Rifle Club. If you would prefer private training in a 1:1 or 1:2 group, contact Master Maine Guide and NRA Instructor Alice by email.

Answers to the NRA course evaluations by students:

"I had a fun class with a fun teacher. Thank you!!"   The part of the course that was most beneficial? "All of it!  Alice's Humor :)  and Knowledge. Range time!"  "Awesome class!  I thought that it would drag but the day flew by!  Thank you!!!"  "It was very good! Enjoyed it even though I need lots more practice."   

Comments about the training from other students

"I'm not sure if I replied previously, but, just in case not, I wanted to thank you very much for the EXCELLENT pistol training and just darn good time!  I learned a lot that I hadn't known and it greatly increased my understanding of the operation and handling of pistols (and firearms in general).   I'm looking forward to additional firearms training in the future!"  

About the NRA frameable certificate - "Thank you for sending this, and for teaching this class--I learned a lot and had a great time." "Thanks for the basic pistol cert and bonus pics.  Especially:  Thanks for coaching me closer to be a safe and effective shooter.  Your expertise is just what I needed  --  since the Quantico range master taped my left lens ~ 45 years ago."

Crystal by 4 circle targets 20201105 150838  Crystal Shooting 20 feet 20201105 152459  Larry shooting at targets 20200510 171329 NRA 4 circle qualification 20201024 143543
Shooting in an indoor range Shooting at 10' At ready table loading ammunition Outdoor range shooting
Outdoor range practice Men and women take pistol classes Shooting for qualifications Alices Handgun Training Logo design 2 01

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